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Anatomy of
an Anthem

What makes a song a HIT? What makes that hit an ANTHEM? And, what puts even the most obscure riff, track or beat on the path to epoch-shattering, era-defining success? Let’s look under the hood - and into the hooks - and find out. 

ANATOMY OF AN ANTHEM takes a forensic, almost surgical look at the heritage and history of Music’s hottest tunes. 

A succession of the world’s most influential DJs and producers will chart the starting points, crossovers and connections linking all the key components of big club bangers, as well as the indie and festival anthems that have shaped musical movements and defined whole generations. 

Exploding songs, genres and key cultural and political moments in history, this show is the definitive guide to understanding how every hook, breakbeat or sample first emerged; why they work, what they inspired... and how, in the hands of the wildly different artists and pioneers, they have come to conquer the world over and over again. 


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