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Black Market

This is the story of the most famous record shop in the world told for the first time by the man who created it, an illustrious cast of legendary artists he helped propel to worldwide prominence and the unsung heroes and pioneers of the multiple music scenes he, and they, did so much to shape. 


BLACK MARKET is the story of how Black Market Records took over the world, from its humble beginnings in early 80s Soho where its ground-breaking nights at the Wag Club welcomed the black and gay communities, to cementing its place as the “most famous record shop in the world” and how it, and the electronic music scenes it fuelled, continue to inspire and influence the biggest DJs, artists and festivals on the planet in 2023.

BLACK MARKET joins the social, cultural and musical dots between ground-breaking dance music scenes from Rare Groove in the early 80s, to Acid House in the late 80s, Drum & Bass in the 90s and on to Dubstep and EDM, the biggest scene on the planet in 2023.


2024 will mark 40 years since Rene launched the groundbreaking BLACK MARKET night at the Wag Club and in a poignant conclusion to the series, we return to the little shop in D’Arblay Street, for an intimate celebration of BLACK MARKET’S role as creator, curator and influencer in electronic music.


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