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to Hell

In 1996, party loving teen raver Teresa "Terry" Daniels at age 22, leaves the UK for a summer of fun on the island of Tenerife, off the coast of Spain. After working in a local bar, and being groomed by her boss, she finds herself caught up in a multi-million pound cocaine smuggling ordeal.

She is released on bail and returns home shaken and traumatised, and assumes her nightmare is over - but her troubles have only just begun.

Five years after returning home, Terry awakes one morning to police at her door with a warrant for her arrest to serve ten years in a maximum security Spanish prison, where her worst nightmares happen and the fight for her life begins.

We are accessing for the first time, exclusively, Terry's 19 diaries she wrote while incarcerated. Experience her firsthand account of life inside Spain and England's harshest prisons and the horrors she overcame. 


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